Beyond the bonds was created after I wrote a poem to help me process heartbreak after a short-lived relationship. Although it had lasted only a matter of a few months, for some reason, I found myself at first struggling with a profound sense of discomfort and confusion. This state of heartbreak made me have to take stock of some home truths about myself and learn many life lessons the hard way. 

Initially, I found it completely impossible to see any reason for the break up beyond some gaping flaw in my personality that I couldn’t mend. I spent days, maybe even stretching into weeks, berating myself, scouring my traits for reasons why I was the problem. I had no sounding board. My head became this echo chamber of self-reflected negativity. What I couldn’t see was the apparent incompatibility that was visible to everyone except me. I was desperately searching for the outside validation I was craving and found none. Much of this time I spent writing poetry, letters and journaling to try and process what I was feeling. I often did this late at night whilst dabbling with my box of oils – a very nascent version of a perfumers organ. Emotions connected to the fragrances as I slowly moved through the state of heartache towards a position of learning from self-reflection.  

Imagine opening your eyes to find yourself in a temperate coastal rainforest just after a storm. Surrounded by moss and ferns, deciduous trees tower over you. The sea isn’t visible through the dense woodland. But you can make out the gently crashing waves in the distance if you focus. You sense the salty tang of sea spray along with the scents of petrichor and ozone hanging heavy in the air, the fragrant after-effects of the storm. Everything is fresh, dewy, sharp and ozonic. As you walk through the forest, the mist starts to clear. With the sun breaking through, everything becomes a little clearer as you finally see the Seaview.

Beyond the Bonds is all about clarity, the calm and clear air after a storm.

In some ways, like the creative process in which Beyond the Bonds was made, this fragrance is somewhat reflective. Both the tough life lessons that inspired it and the formative practice of making the perfume taught me the importance of finding a sense of quiet calmness and clarity from introspection. Especially when you are desperately seeking outside influence rather than seeking strength from within.  

But before it all fell apart, I couldn’t see the wood for that thick stormy fog. I couldn’t see that this kind of relationship wasn’t really what I wanted or needed. Clarity was what I needed. I was desperately searching for someone else to give me purpose. Instead, what I needed was to look within and spend a little time being introspective. Not all things, no matter how much you want them, are meant to be. You can’t force a situation to change, even when letting go of what you wish for feels like the hardest thing in the world. Through this harsh life lesson, I found that the best source of soothing calmness and inspiration to carry on can often come from within. 

Beyond the bonds was named after I wrote a poem about what I learned from this experience. Sometimes relationships, friendships happen to teach us lessons about ourselves more so than about other people. 

The sharpness of mint and the zestiness of bergamot together provide clarity in this fragrance, with the woody cedarwood creating balance in this cooling and ever-so-wearable fragrance. It’s a fantastic all-year-round fragrance, but it’s particularly refreshing on hot, humid summer days.