• What is Cruelty-Free?

    What is cruelty-free?

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    ruelty-free is a term used to describe products that do not cause animal cruelty.

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  • What Does Vegan Mean?

    What Does Vegan mean?

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    egan and Veganism are terms banded around a lot! But what do they mean? If a product states that it is Vegan, this means it should not contain any part of an animal or animal derivatives - such as eggs, milk, beeswax. Vegan is a term that can apply to both food and non-food products, and Veganism is the movement surrounding the consumption of these products. However, many people use the phrase Plant-based instead of Vegan or Veganism. It means essentially the same thing, but some people follow only a vegan diet, and for others, they will use the philosophy to cover all the products they buy, not only food.

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  • What Makes Something Ethical?

    What makes something ethical?

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    et's start with what does ethical actually mean? At its most basic, it's a choice or action that doesn't cause harm to others, (but this also includes the planet). So why would you want to make ethical choices? Everyone wants to be a good person but we're not always aware of the long term consequences of the choices we make. By making ethical choices you're making a conscious informed decision to lessen the likelihood of harm being caused to others.

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