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As lovely as the bottle will look on your dressing table or on a windowsill, its best to keep your fragrances in a cool, dry, dark place, such as a drawer (but not the bathroom if possible). There is no need to store them in the fridge – like the bathroom, the humidity can also damage your fragrance.

We recommend that you use your perfume within a year of purchase.

There have been endless debates on this subject! Wrists, neck, other pulse points, around you. Just don’t spray onto your face or near your eyes! 

Yes! The perfume labels are biodegradable, the spray top can be pulled off and the glass bottle can be recycled in household recycling. All our mailing packaging is also recyclable biodegradable and made from recycled materials. 

Unfortunately what classes as organic certified varies hugely from country to country. As a result, we couldn’t label something as organic in the UK if it wasn’t grown elsewhere in the world to the same standards as we have in the UK. It’s also very difficult to get all the materials we use as organic. If we only used organic our range would be very limited and would be substantially more costly to make. But, all our suppliers are sustainable growers and harvesters. 

The colour of the perfumes is purely down to the natural colour of the materials added to them. As its all-natural, there may be variations in colour from batch to batch.

Yes! All our products are tested via high-tech computer modelling by a chartered chemist to make sure they are safe. Only then are they then allowed to be tested by humans – a select group of volunteers, for feedback on the fragrance profile. No animals have ever, or will ever be tested on by Avenoir Perfumery.

Our products undergo rigorous testing, and all potential allergens are labelled. But, unless you know the exact ingredient you are allergic to it can be difficult to say 100% that you will not have a reaction. For this reason, we offer our tester packs so you can try before you commit to a larger purchase. We avoid using nut oils and products known to contain gluten in all our products but cannot say we are 100% nut-free or gluten-free. We’re more than happy to discuss any allergy information you may need.  

Yes! Please contact us to discuss this further.

Yes we do! It can be found here.

We can include a gift note if needed. Please add any information you require to the notes page of your order.

This is dependent on a variety of factors. How warm you are, the Ph of your skin, the strength of fragrance and how much you use.

There is currently no legal definition of ethical and sustainable definition in the UK. But here at Avenoir Perfumery, by ethical we mean we do our upmost to reduce the effect the business and the products have our environment and those who make it – both in the UK and abroad. We aim to be inclusive – and thus try to make our website and social media accessible to those who use screen readers. We also don’t believe anyone should be excluded from using a fragrance because of their gender. Thats why all of our fragrances are gender-neutral and suitable for all genders! We also offer opportunities for those who might find it difficult to gain employment due to disability or long term health conditions. See our company ethos for more.

Yes! All of our products are free from animal derivatives. 

Shipping & Returns

Currently we are unable to ship our perfumes to outside of the UK. 

Due to hygiene issues, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on perfumes.  

Orders are usually despatched within 2 working days. We send all orders as 2nd class and thus all orders should be delivered within 3 working days after despatch.

If there is an issue with your order please email us at Contact@avenoirperfumery.com

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