A bottle of Prerogative perfume laid flat on fragrance ingredients

Prerogative holds a special place in my heart. It was created through a process of catharsis at a time where I felt like I had lost everything I held dear. 

It was 2018, and overnight I found myself as a disabled, wheelchair-using single mum of a 6-month-old baby. Rebuilding a life for us whilst healing from trauma and dealing with legal wranglings. I lost the majority of my friends, many of whom I saw as family. Left grief-stricken and debt-ridden, I was reliving the traumatic events which had led to this situation on a near-daily basis, isolated and alone. Teetering on the edge of a very dark place, I tried every coping mechanism I had to keep myself steady. It felt like nothing was working. A creative solution was needed to distract myself from the chaos around me. 

I needed an out...

An escape, a distraction, anything to take my mind away from what I was going through emotionally. I remembered how much joy fragrance has brought me throughout my life. Using essential oils around the house, especially at bath times, was an everyday occurrence as a child. As a student, I collected fragrance samples from the flagship department stores of London’s Oxford street whenever I had a spare afternoon. Taking them back to my digs, I would then write about the notes I could detect in each fragrance and the associations I made. 

I discovered a great many fabulous perfumes, but I wanted to find a better fit for my personality. I started experimenting with the essential oils I had, then borrowed more from my mother, trying to make my formulation work. It wasn’t long before I realised that I lacked the ingredients to bring my idea to fruition. So I went back to the drawing board and researched more. 

I learned that many fragrances are made purely with synthetic ingredients and that many high end and niche fragrances still contain animal-derived ingredients. Having spent a long time trying to reduce my carbon footprint and make a more sustainable life, and I didn’t want to throw away the attitude I had built towards sustainability just to create a nice fragrance. So I researched what fragrance ingredients were being grown sustainably. I learnt about those that were endangered, and where in the world it was ethical to buy from. I saved up a little bit to buy better quality ethically and sustainable ingredients, and night after night, I found solace in the process of trial and error of formulation.

A bottle of Prerogative ethical and vegan perfumelaid flat on a wooden surface with the silver cap taken off
A bottle of Prerogative ethical vegan perfume held in a hand with a background of street art

During this time I spent a lot of my time in court...

For most people, they can be intimidating environments. But, when you’ve had no previous experience and your personal safety is on the line, it can make you feel even more uncomfortable, incredibly small and vulnerable. I had done nothing wrong. This situation wasn’t of my making. But the process made me think that it was me and my integrity that was under suspicion, not the action of others. I needed confidence in spades. Despite feeling utterly powerless, I needed to have my wits about me. I channelled these emotions into making Prerogative and the process gave me the very thing I required.

After making the first batch, I wore it when I went into court. For the first time in months, I felt like I could hold my head up high. I knew myself and was going to get the result that I needed to get myself back to a place of feeling safe in my own skin. And I did. Since then, whenever I’ve needed a little liquid confidence, I’ve been reaching for Prerogative. 

The first note that hits you is the calming sweetness of Vanilla and cardamom. That very quickly unfolds into a slight gingery tone and the spice of freshly cracked black pepper, leading to the powerhouse of patchouli and tobacco. Together, they give this fragrance an ultimately leather-like scent. Prerogative is no wallflower of a perfume! It has tenacity and strength, which makes you take notice but is well balanced, not over-powering. It’s reminiscent of briefcases, power dressing and self-determination. 

A bottle of Prerogative ethical vegan perfume laid on a wooden surface