A bottle of Tellurian ethical and sustainable vegan perfume laid flat on a large ginger root, with Cinnamon sticks on top of a pile of autumn leaves

There are very few people who can say 2020 was a good year for them. Regardless of where in the world you were, tumultuous changes surrounded us. Everything felt unstable and in flux. Communities were fracturing. People were scared for their health, their safety, their lives, their livelihoods.  When we were locked in our homes, and global news piped in scenes of death and destruction to our TV screens, I felt more isolated and detached from nature and other people than ever before. Nature, in particular, has always provided me with solace in times of anguish. But having two barriers, of the natural world not always being that accessible to wheelchair users like myself and lockdown preventing travel away from home, I couldn’t get to the one thing I needed in a time of turmoil. 

I felt like I needed a touchstone to link me back to a time and place in my past when nature provided me with the sense of calm and supportive interconnectedness that I craved. I needed something to remind me; humankind’s differences are a part of our inherent beauty as a species. And, despite our perceived differences, what we all have in common is that we are inhabitants of this earth. I believe we should see ourselves as custodians instead of owners who use and abuse the land.

A bottle of Tellurian Vegan perfume on a white background
Tellurian ethical and sustainable vegan perfume sits on a pile of autumn leaves

Initially, I set out to make an earthy scent, as Tellurian means “earth dweller”. Instead, I found myself making something that felt grounding rather than smelt of the ground. As a fragrance, Tellurian was the hardest of my range to get right. Covid-19 meant that many of my suppliers had difficulties getting some of my raw ingredients, and the formulation had to be tweaked many times to pass stringent safety standards.

 In many ways, the process of making Tellurian mirrored the global state of affairs. 

The final iteration of Tellurian was very different from what I had intended to make. Instead, it provided me with an olfactory version of that soothing touchstone of nature that I needed. Tellurian is the antithesis of floaty and ephemeral. It has substance and quiet intensity and mirrors the comfort the Autumn brings. The relentless summer heat has ended, and now cooler nights allow for the cosiness of chunky knits and thick blankets. Tellurian tells the story of being immersed in nature at its moment of out-breath. Autumn is a time of taking stock, bringing in the last harvest, whilst we reconnect with what matters to us, within ourselves, our friendships and relationships and nature. It’s a time of making changes and repairs before the harsh weather of winter begins.

A bottle of Tellurian ethical and sustainable vegan gender neutral perfume held in front of a wall of street art

Picture sitting on a tree stump in a dry forest in early Autumn, watching the sunset, just taking in the scene and being. There are no deadlines, no rush. Nowhere else to be in the world, aside from that very spot. The leaves are starting to turn to shades of orange and gold and gently tumble down on the breeze. The scent of the heady amber resins of the trees feels like an affable warming hug of fragrance as they blend with the musky spice of fallen leaves.

Tellurian is a touchstone to nature. Deeply autumnal, like an affable warming hug of fragrance, almost good enough to eat! Sandalwood and Cedarwood provide a woodsy backdrop for delicious spices of Ginger, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.