What Does Vegan mean?

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egan and Veganism are terms banded around a lot! But what do they mean? If a product states that it is Vegan, this means it should not contain any part of an animal or animal derivatives - such as eggs, milk, beeswax. Vegan is a term that can apply to both food and non-food products, and Veganism is the movement surrounding the consumption of these products. However, many people use the phrase Plant-based instead of Vegan or Veganism. It means essentially the same thing, but some people follow only a vegan diet, and for others, they will use the philosophy to cover all the products they buy, not only food.

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Why Might I want to buy Vegan Products?

Some people choose to buy vegan products because it fits with their beliefs. Many religions (such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism) require their followers not to harm other living creatures. For other people, they say see it as a political choice, placing the lives of animals on par with the lives of humans. Others choose to buy vegan products as a conscious choice to reduce their effect upon the climate and look to live a more sustainable life due to dairy and meat production having high CO2 emissions.

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What's Veganism got to do with perfume?

What’s Veganism got to do with Perfume?

Unfortunately, many perfumes still contain ingredients derived from whales, Bees, Beavers, and Musk Deer. Some of these are endangered species. By buying perfumes with ingredients such as “natural musk”, Castoreum, and Ambergris, you could be contributing to the extinction of the species.

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Our perfumes always have been and always will be completely free of any animal derivatives! We believe that we have a duty towards the environment and to protect it for future generations. Our view is that animal-derived products are utterly unneeded in perfumery, and we look to inform and educate others in our industry whenever possible.

Enjoy Avenoir Perfumery Fragrances knowing your perfume causes no harm to animals!

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