What is cruelty-free?

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ruelty-free is a term used to describe products that do not cause animal cruelty.

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why are cosmetics tested on animals?

For many years the only way to make sure that a product was safe for humans to use was to be physically tested – either on other humans or, more often than not, animals. Very few people are willing to put themselves forward to eat lipsticks, have perfumes sprayed in their eyes, or have their hair repeatedly. But these are just some of the tests that animals are subjected to. Nowadays, computer modelling has become so sophisticated and reliable that there is no need for cosmetics animal testing. It’s illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the UK and the EU, US, Australia, and Canada. Animal testing often involves causing avoidable harm and suffering to animals – such as mice, rats, dogs and rabbits. It’s also a very ineffective form of testing because humans have very different skin to other mammals.

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Unfortunately, it’s easy for a company to say that their products are cruelty-free when other brands owned by the same parent company are not. Many countries such as China require cosmetics to be tested on animals to satisfy their legal requirements. You can avoid this by using products featuring the leaping bunny mark. Still, it’s also worth noting that many small businesses (Avenoir Perfumery included) cannot afford to add this mark to their products. It costs hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to add this mark to their products. Not having the leaping bunny mark doesn’t necessarily mean that a product isn’t cruelty-free. Nor does a product stating it’s Vegan mean that it’s cruelty-free.


Avenoir Perfumery fragrances are never tested on animals.

We believe that animals deserve respect, not like a tool used at our disposal.

You can buy our fragrances safe in the knowledge that they are cruelty-free!

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