What is sustainability?


ustainability is a word that's used a lot when talking about the environment, but what does it really mean? Sustainability is a way to describe the vast number of different ways that we can avoid or reduce using resources that cause harm to the environment.

Why is sustainability important?

Our planet is experiencing a climate crisis. The ice caps are melting, sea temperatures are rising and we are experiencing more extreme weather events than at any time in recorded history. Our planet has a finite number of resources, and there is no planet B. In order to help combat the pollution that we as humans have created and reduce the effects of climate change, we all need to be using more sustainable methods in both our daily lives and in business. We need to protect our environment to help prevent catastrophic changes to our planet, which could temperature rises that will cause it to become inhospitable to life. 

How can I live a more sustainable life?

We can all make changes, both big and small, which will help us live more sustainable lives in order to help the environment. The key is remembering the 4 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, and Recycle. You can reuse items, refuse single-use plastics, reduce the amount of meat you eat, recycle materials that are recyclable and buy more sustainable products when you need to.

Avenoir Perfumery Perfumes are sustainable!

Avenoir Perfumery perfumes are sustainably made! We use minimal packaging, all of which is either recyclable or biodegradable! All of our fragrance materials come are sustainably grown and harvested. We work hard to make sure that all elements of our business are environmentally friendly. You can buy our perfumes, safe in the knowledge you won’t be harming the planet!

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