What makes something ethical?

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et's start with what does ethical actually mean? At its most basic, it's a choice or action that doesn't cause harm to others, (but this also includes the planet). So why would you want to make ethical choices? Everyone wants to be a good person but we're not always aware of the long term consequences of the choices we make. By making ethical choices you're making a conscious informed decision to lessen the likelihood of harm being caused to others.

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What does being ethical have to do with the things I spend my money on?

Your money can be used to either help people and the environment or to harm them. The ethical choices you make about what you buy and from which company can help make the world a better place – by supporting fair pay or production methods that don’t damage the environment. There’s a lot we as individuals can do to help other people and our environment, but business and industry can do even more, with far more resources available to them.  

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What happens when I don't buy ethically?

If a company isn’t transparent with its environmental and ethical policies, the answer is – you just don’t know. You could be helping to undercut wages, pollute the planet or harm animals. You can be more sure that your purchases are ethical when you buy from companies that have solid environmental and ethical policies that they make public. 

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What happens when I do buy ethical products?

You know exactly where your money goes – to supporting fair wages and helping to protect the planet (and everything that lives on it too!). Your purchases can be a way to help make the world a better place! Here at Avenoir Perfumery, we work hard to make sure that our suppliers all work within their ethical policies and we work hard to enforce our own within the business.

Enjoy Avenoir Perfumery Fragrances knowing you have made an ethical purchase. ⠀