A bottle of Zephyr ethical and sustainable vegan perfume along side sandalwood shavings, cut lemon and linden leaves

The story of Zephyr takes us back to my childhood. I always felt a little bit of a square peg – having to mould myself to be accepted. Anyone who is neurodiverse will tell you that doing this is an exhausting experience. It’s like having to spend your entire day in character. Although suspected for most of my childhood, it wasn’t until I was 17 that I had a concrete reason why I felt the way I did and experienced the world differently. As a result, a vast majority of my childhood was spent like this. Forcing myself to fit into socially acceptable boxes to get by. As a result, I found it extremely hard to accept and embrace my neurodivergent self in my late teens and early twenties. 

When you’re so used to having to pretend to be accepted, the moment when you relax, take off that mask, stop the pretence and be you. It’s a massive relief. The scent of Zephyr transports me to a warm sunny day in late spring when I was seven years old. I was living in a new town, going to a new school. I found it all just a little overwhelming – sensory overload. It was lunchtime. Whilst everyone else was loud and boisterous, playing games with unknown rules. All I wanted to do was sit and read a good book. 

A bottle of Zephyr vegan perfume
A bottle of Zephyr ethical and sustainable vegan perfume with a lake in the background

I loved getting lost in a story from times bygone times.

I was at my happiest when finding new adventures between pages of well-read tomes. Settling down with a book between the roots of a big Linden tree at the edge of the playing field felt like the best place to escape the overwhelm. As I sat in the dappled shade cast by the broad lime-green leaves way above, the warm breeze gently wafted the most delicate and relaxing fragrance I had ever come across. The calming nature of that light floral scent was palpable. As though someone had placed a weighted blanket over my shoulders and whispered reaffirming words of self-acceptance into my ear. 

The light floral scent comes from Linden blossom. This is another name for the flowers of the Lime tree. Ever-present alongside school playing fields here in the UK, and not to be mistaken with the fruit-bearing citrus tree of the same name! I recreated this fragrance from this childhood memory.

Zephyr is springtime distilled! Not only is it profoundly calming and relaxing, but the zesty citrus notes balance the green elements of the Linden, making it beautifully refreshing too. Sandalwood softens the whole affair, creating an affable fragrant hug. Perfect for spring or summer days and grey miserable days when you need a reminder of bright days ahead. 

A bottle of Zephyr ethical and sustainable vegan stood against a background of autumn leaves